Follow-up Documentation

Even though software, in the contrary to machines, is in its core wear-free, thus it is still exposed to an aging process. With increasing age, documentations and descriptions become out-dated or hard to understand.

With every change in software, the degree of ‘tangle’ expands, which often leads to an increased struggle to master the software and, if necessary, find and correct errors.

We document your existing software precisely and tool-aided, using standardized methods and examine its correctness, completeness and its freedom from redundancies and contradictions.

Besides the depiction of the numerical data (such as the number of conditions, actions and rules) it is also possible to identify the necessary test case constellations from the created documentation.

The created documentation is able to generate code: selected sections of software can be adequately re-engineered and, if required, be replaced by generated modules.

These methods lead to software that is

  • precisely and comprehensibly documented,
  • easier to maintain,
  • operating faultlessly,
  • better, more economic and efficient to master, and is already prepared for a potential transition to another platform.