LOHRFINK software engineering GmbH & Co. KG

Smooth work processes are fundamental in the modern corporate environment. Especially when it comes to the development of complex software systems where the saying “time is money” is still significant.

For more than 15 years we have been supporting companies as advisors, analysts, trainers and coaches, as tool supplier as well as full service provider during project support.

We help you achieve an easier and more precise management of base parameters, which is paramount in maintaining a high quality of ground rules for the ensuing phases of the project – if possible – using automatic assistance. On a technical level, we work with all established development environments and coding languages.

Excellent know-how, years of practical experience, individual consulting and enterprise specific software tools ensure precise communication between team members, better controllability of complexity in all phases of a project and better maintainability of applications.


Our services and products support the software development process itself, therefore we are not limited to a specific range of duties or industry sectors. Hence our customers operate in various sectors:

  • Retail, wholesale
  • Financial administration, public services
  • Banks, insurances, home loan associations
  • Public services and administration
  • Production industry

There’s a positive side effect to this sector diversity: Through the wide range of tasks, a broad palette of experiences and solution models is gathered. These experiences and solution models have a direct influence on our service offer and the functionality of our tools.


Our customer base has been growing continuously for years, predominantly in the German-speaking area. Currently our most northern customer is located in Copenhagen (Ballerup, quasi the Silicon Valley of Denmark). In the south-eastern direction, our customer base reaches as far as Graz, Austria.

The sectors that are working together with us and/or are using our tools, range from requirement engineering to IT architecture and programming, all the way up to quality assurance and testing.

As part of a personal meeting, depending on your field of interest, we can also provide you with contact references from current customers. They can give you further information on their collaboration with us or on the use of our enterprise specific products.